Coaching Clinic for Untold Secrets

Coaching Clinic for Untold Secrets

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Everyone wants to leave a legacy but knowing what to say is another matter.

Your story is your legacy.

The ins and outs, highs and lows, victories and defeats, are what make up your legacy.

I want to invite you in to join me for a coaching clinic on how to write your story and leave your legacy.

In my new book Untold Secrets, I walk you through a series of questions geared toward telling your story. We will walk through season by season of your life experiences and choices which have brought you to the place you are today.

Through personal life experience and examples, you will leave a legacy by leaving your story.

Together we will write your story.


If you have already purchased the book untold secrets the coaching clinic is free. If you have not yet purchased the book you can purchase one at the Coaching clinic.

Order your copy today and join us for a session of Story Coaching by Pastor Tammy on April 9th form 9AM-11:30AM.

If you already purchased your book, please contact to join this class complimentary.

Influence Church
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